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Verolt HMI

Rapid Engineering – Elevated Experience

The digital era has brought a revolution in human-machine interaction with new ways to connect, interact, and monitor a wide range of engineered products. Verolt HMI accelerates these experiences with design engineering, ECU Software & HMI development for cross-platform applications, with over 200 years of combined expertise in Qt, Open GL, AUTOSAR, etc.

HMI Development

The Three Step Framework

HMI Development

The Three Step Framework





HMI Success With Years Of Expertise


  • Native and cross-platform development for existing updates and new product ideas
  • Qt Development supported by a robust functional library
  • Refactoring and Porting

Middleware & Systems

  • Build and integrate middleware solutions with tools and continuous integration
  • Audio & Video frameworks
  • GStreamer development

UI Design

  • UI Assets design in GUI tools and code conversion
  • Advanced Graphics Rendering (OpenGL, Shaders)
  • Agile and iterative prototyping with easy-to-use tools
  • Design audit for pixel-perfect interface on target device

Consulting &

  • Project consulting with experts defining engineering expectations
  • Training programs for knowledge transfer
  • HMI architecture and toolchain evaluation
  • Yocto, QML, Qt for MCU training

Qt Service Partnership

Application Success – Crafted Together

We are a Qt service partner providing consulting and development support on mobile, desktop, and embedded platforms, ready to address requirements on Qt applications.

Verolt at the Qt World Summit 2019
Verolt at the Qt Booth at the EW 2020
Verolt talks about the Unified Architecture at the Qt VS 2020

Webassembly Is The Future

Explore It – Here & Now

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HMI Showroom

Experience Our Engineering At Work

Move beyond the engineering schematics and move towards the experience of their applications. The HMI Showroom is our thought library of people’s expertise, knowledge sharing, and success stories.

WidgetLibrary MCU
Video – Widgets


Porting Qt Applications to Microcontrollers


Porting Qt Applications to Microcontrollers

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